Vancouver is awesome and Granted

A true collaboration, V.I.A.'s Bob Kronbauer and Granted's Brian Hirano worked together on the design over the past couple of months.

The concept is to celebrate a British Columbia icon (the Spirit Bear; the official mammal of B.C.) while also giving a nod to diversity and how it makes this province a better place.

The yin and yang on the back of the sweater features a white Kermode (Spirit) Bear, along with its Black Bear sibling. Bear paws on the front with matching salmon outlines on the sleeves. As Bob explained in a recent episode of  BC Was Awesome history TV show, the rare Kermode was instrumental in saving the Great Bear Rainforest from logging in the early 1990s.

As Hirano says, "There is a lot we can learn from bears. They don't care what colour they are and live and hunt side by side. We [humans] are all the same animal and - like them - I believe we can live in harmony."

There are currently only 200-400 of these bears alive today, and partial proceeds from the sale of this sweater will go towards ensuring their long-term survival; we're donating 10% of the profits to Pacific Wild, which works to protect wildlife and their habitat in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Preorder one now HERE.


Photos by: Devan Head



Deadhead duo

A heartwarming Father and Daughter story featuring Deadheads, Bill and Maggy!

Though they are far away, Bill located in Illinois and Maggy in Seattle, they managed to stay connected with their newly acquired matching Grateful dead Krazy bear sweaters!

“We have special memories together, when I was 13 he took me to a Dead concert at Madison Square Gardens when Jerry was still alive! So much fun all around, blessed that you made such beautiful sweaters that mean so much to us!!”.

Thank you Bill and Maggy @lumberjackmama for sharing your story with us!

Do you have a special Grateful Dead or Granted story?

Let us know!

The Last Dance

When I first heard that there was a Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix, The Last Dance  to be honest it really didn't spark my interest. The love for the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan during my childhood had long passed.

After finally watching a few episodes, memories of my youth quickly came rushing back. The days of my crooked Fresh Prince flat top haircut from my Mom, the sounds of my bulls starter parka rustling in the wind, getting beat up for my Jordan shoes (just kidding) and the wingspan poster of Air Jordan pinned on my wall (next to the Cindy Crawford poster of course!) became so clear and vivid! I was so excited to watch the next episodes, I had almost forgotten that the world outside had turned upside down a month earlier, due to COVID-19.

The Last Dance dove right into all of MJ’s struggles on and off the court, how each time he persevered, rising up from failure and finding success. Reconnecting with these stories was perfect timing as I applied his positive mindset to my own outlook on life. It also gave me a reason to create something unique and pay tribute to his Airness.

The Rising Jordan sweater is based off MJ’s early career and has many subtle design details. Simple colour blocking elements from the first Air Jordan 1 shoe sole (circa 1985). In addition, a unique gradient sunrise detail that was popular design in the 80’s that consists of 23 rows of black knitting lines. It tells the story of Michael's will to wake up and push himself to the limits every day. The wings on the sleeves are based on the original Air Jordan wings logo with a placement nod to the famous “wingspan” poster. The shiny gold zipper adds some bling to the traditional Bulls colourway. A similar bit of flash to when a young Jordan, dripping with style sported a layered gold chain in his rookie year dunk contest.

The Rising Jordan sweater for the G.O.A.T.

Sweater feature - Stadium cable knit lavender sweater

A typical cable "fisherman's" sweater is a bulky garment with cable patterns on the chest. The original Irish fisherman sweater's wool retained lanolin, making them water-resistant and perfect for days at sea.

It is said, that the first fisherman’s sweaters had certain cable patterns knit into them depending on their origin town or last name, this is so that if the fishermen were to go overboard and drown during fishing their bodies could be quickly identified even if they had been badly disfigured at sea.

The lavender cable knit sweater is a refreshing new colour brought into our line. Why blend in when you can stand out with the two-toned lavender sweater? With that in mind, we thought Autumn Woods (our model) would be the perfect person to help show it off.

Autumn is bursting with creativity, he makes great music, hosts a podcast, and beautifully models a wide variety of styles. He was born and raised right here in Vancouver, and aligns with our actions of keeping our planet healthy. You can find Autumn on Instagram at @autumn._.woods


Photos by Devan Head



Our Granted characters!

You might have bumped into one of these guys hanging around our website recently! Please get to know our friends Blake, Finley and Scruff!

Each purchase will include some of these stickers on your next order! The quality is top notch and is produced by the awesome guys at STICKER MULE.

Collect em all folks!

Jerry Garcia and Boho Bunnie

A perfect collaborative spotlight featuring Andrea Whitt AKA, Boho Bunnie an international touring and recording artist wearing our Official Jerry Garcia sweater.

The Garcia sweater inspired by washed out California sunsets, the indigo color serenade the rusty vines detailes with a Jerry.G silhouette emblazoned on the back. You know what they say… “It must have been the roses.” Available only for a limited time only purchase it here.

REI - Wallace Lake Collection

Over the moon to be a part of the Wallace Lake Collection!

Our hand knit wool sweater with REI commemorating their 80 year legacy of inspiring people to live a life outdoors. A joint project between our neighbors and
limited to only 80 pieces. The REI design team was inspired by their founders first backpacking trip in the PNW.

Available exclusively at REI online.




Melton wool caps

Classic melton wool unisex caps are based off of vintage 1950's baseball hat silhouettes. Unstructured top area with hand sewn felt die-cut "g" logo, adjustable genuine leather strap back.

Simple timeless style perfect for the cooler days ahead. Don't take your noggin' for Granted.

Our 40th anniversary!

What a ride it's been so far! 40 years in the knitwear industry has definitely had its hills and mountains to climb. 

We're lucky to have the best customers and collaboration partners that support our brand and go against the grain of disposable fast trends.

Thank you! Here's to another 40 years!


Corrine Hunt X Burton X Team Canada

These hand knit sweaters were produced for the snowboard athletes village wear. Once produced they were taken in a high definition photograph and emulsified onto the fabric of the jacket to give off a sweater like look. These technical jackets will be worn during the actual competitions.

“The motifs on the sweater and the uniform jacket represent strength, beauty, creativity and agility. Emblazoned with the bear, raven, sun and orca, the athletes will shine inside and out.” Corrine Hunt

“It’s really nice to feel at home in your gear.” Mark McMorris

We couldn’t be happier with how the project turned out. The Granted Sweater Company is looking forward to cheering on our Canadian Athletes in Pyeongchang!

Go Canada Go!

Photos courtesy of Burton Snowboards Toronto.

*Unfortunately these designs are not available for retail, however an original Corrine Hunt sweater design be found here.