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The Official Kamen Rider Sweater


Saving the world from dangerous evil monsters is no easy task! Unless you are Kamen Rider, the real action, grasshopper super hero from the 70’s you never heard of! Legend status in the land of the rising sun, this bug eyed, motorcycle riding warrior that wallops his nemesis’s with swift acrobatics and a powerful punch that sends them out to oblivion!

Kamen Rider 1st episode (circa 1971)

The grasshopper is a symbol of nature and was sought to represent hope for human kind and its ability to use its wind as energy to confront the destruction of nature.

Kamen Rider has had gone through many changes and iterations throughout the years. The original of version, Ichigo (# 1) sweater has notes of the classic red,green and grey tones while the W sweater (Current character) has notes of the flashy purple and green for a modern futuristic look.

Kamen Rider W 1st episode (circa 2009)

Toei, a Japanese film, television production company and distributor.Based in Tokyo, Japan and established in 1951. Also known for creating live action dramas including globally recognized TV series such as Supersentai (Power Rangers family). Animated series of Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Digimon are produced by its sister company, TOEI ANIMATION.


Limited quantities and exclusively at the TOEI online shop below

Kamen Rider Ichigo #1 sweater

Kamen Rider W sweater


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