Our Story

We work from our small studio on the southwest coast of British Columbia, Canada, surrounded by woolen sweaters and accessories that are hand-knit in our community. The designs we make are based on the ones our parents began producing in 1978, updated with contemporary styling and quirky details that suit our sense of humour. We like to think of our style as neo-vintage – we pair timeless knitting techniques in classic styles with modern graphics that sometimes surprise you. You probably wouldn't expect to see palm trees on a bulky woolen sweater, but that's exactly what we did.

We grew up spinning and winding yarn with our parents in the living room, wearing wool on blustery beaches during winter storms, snow-shoeing through fresh snow, and walking the dog on misty mornings. Wherever you live, chances are you, too, need a warm sweater. Even better if the sweater was hand-knit here in Vancouver with wool, Mother Nature's perfect, sustainable fibre.

With care and love, our hand-knit woolen clothing will keep you warm through a lifetime of daily adventures.

Customer service is our specialty. If you have any questions or concerns, one of us or our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

We strive to reply within one working day, always.


The Granted Sweater Company

"Our story told in stitches"