The White Room

Here's a photo gallery from one of our photo shoots. Some designs or colour variants have been archived and not available for purchase on our SHOP page, however most archived designs can be knit up at your request. Contact us at mail@grantedclothing.com.

Graphic Deer Head - Turquoise

Motif Links - Red

Elegant Deer

Motif Leg Warmers

Lumber Jack - Red

Ghengis Toque


Kabuki Mask

Balinese Mask

Deer Toque

Camel - Caramel

Palm Trees

Nausica Toque

Cable Knit Robe


Hoody - Possum Blend

Poncho with Buttons


Three Toned - Possum Blend

Brown Toque

Vancouver Toque

Hockey Toque and Mittens Series