How Do I Care for My Sweater?

4 Important Care Tips for Your Granted Wool Sweater

  1. Store folded and do not hang as the weight from the sweater can stretch out shoulder area.
  2. To keep sweater looking new, remove pills by hand. Please note that pilling is a characteristic of wool and unrelated to quality. The woolier, or loftier the yarn, the greater the risk of pilling during normal wear.
  3. Wool is a natural, breathable fibre allowing for long term wear without much cleaning required. If cleaning is needed, dry clean. If the area that is soiled is small, try spot cleaning. Take a bit of hand soap, gently rub into area, rinse and lay out flat to dry. Do not agitate the wool too much as it will cause felting.
  4. Our most important tip of all is, when not in use, store in air tight container with cedar balls or lavender to avoid damage by moths.

Free Repair and De-pilling Service:

We offer free repairs of stitch pulls or unraveling due to normal wear, as long requests are reasonable and shipping is paid for both ways. This is for Granted items onlyWe also offer free pill removal.

We do not repair items that were damaged from improper cleaning, run-ins with dogs, other animals, insects, or other factors unrelated to the construction of the item.

 Please email us your request first before sending it out to us.