The NASA Sweater Has Landed

Rocketing into outer space and floating in zero gravity; my childhood dream to one day become an astronaut.  I dug through some old photos of my early years and used this as inspiration for Granted’s new NASA sweater. It proved a difficult task at first, as there were so many events and icons to draw from throughout the decades. We landed on the now retired “worm” logo, a vivid representation of my growing up in the 80s. It’s playful, it’s fun, it has an astronaut, rockets and retro gradients all vibrantly mixed into a spacey milky way of timeless knitting craft.  The NASA sweater has landed.

NASA Sweater Back

Kyoko Higa, our new creative contributor!


Please welcome Kyoko Higa, lead designer at Celsia Floral.  She will be assisting our brand with her creative talents bringing in a refreshing new perspective on designs and trends.

"I am merely a flower lover before a designer. I enjoy their natural simplicity and duplicity. Their ability to grow through the cracks of our modern industrial world and give us pause, in awe of their simple but complex beauty." 

"The seemingly imperfect nature of flowers inspire me to tell stories.
Through the use of flora's colours, textures and shapes I'd like to evoke feelings and impart intimate messages of love and loss...of living. A flower's individual parts: petals, sepals, filaments, anthers and leaves give each stem a unique personality. My job is to highlight their personality. I tend to demolish the rules of traditional floral design while keeping it intact." 

"As a floral designer, I'd like to continue suggesting my perspective of aesthetics of nature and apply it to what is of the moment and also, timeless. Duplicity." Kyoko.


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The Ultimate Sweater

When I first heard about legendary wrestler The Ultimate Warrior's passing this year I was shocked. How could an invincible super hero from my childhood die? In the earlier years of the WWF there were so many characters like the Bushwackers, Junkyard Dog, Macho Man Randy Savage and the Legion of Doom but the Warrior was always hands down the favourite.

His energy was contagious and I often found myself copying his loud, incoherent energy fueled rant in the house. This was not a popular sound amongst siblings and parents. Nonetheless I looked forward to his thunderous, tasseled presence on TV and I enjoyed his interviews just as much as his matches.

A true and pure form of entertainment which is hard to find nowadays. RIP Ultimate Warrior. Thank you for being a part of my childhood. This one is for you and you will be missed.

Contact us at mail@grantedclothing.com for details.


Every year we try to do a little something out of the ordinary, not only to test the boundaries of our knitters but to design something that has had an influence with our vision in some way. While other brands seem to try so hard to be something they are not we are lucky here at Granted to have a natural and genuine approach with our ideas. 

-Some other examples of our designs-

Don Cherry's Blue Sweater

Miami Vice Flamingo Sweater

David Suzuki Sweater

Greatest Sweater in the Galaxy

Malcom X Sweater


Special thanks to:

Holistic Fitness Specialist

Kenny Muir






Photo shoot - The styling process

Kasmi, our stylist, paired the sweaters in our recent photo shoot with casual "easy to find" items that may already be in your closet. Granted's chunky knits are quite warm so there is no need for many layers. Kasmi hopes these simple looks will inspire your next outfit!




Sail Voyage Sweater

Nordic Deer Sweater

Trio of Trees Sweater

Autumn Rose Sweater

Driftwood- Handmade Granted sign

Our artist friend Mr.Shiga made a wonderful handmade Granted sign for our showroom. With his artist skills and background he was able to create a sign that complimented the handmade aspects of our brand

It only took a piece of drift wood, wood varnish, nails, wool and imagination, from there he was able to make a regular piece of wood into something amazing. Take a look at some of the steps taken when building this wooden sign.


Local driftwood found along Vancouvers 3rd beach. The piece was polished and varnished with some antique finish stain.

Nails placed outlining our Granted font.

Finished logo with the placed nails painted white so they can bee seen on the drift wood. Kind of has a analog "Tron" like feel eh?

Our wool carefully placed within the walls of the nails.

Finished driftwood sign. All handmade just like our sweaters. Now it just needs to be hung up in our showroom!

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