The Hockey Sweater

Just received this in the mail, The Hockey Sweater book!

This story was an important part of my youth as I grew up watching and playing hockey. I believe this story is a vital part of our Canadian heritage as most of us can relate to this boy in some way regardless of what part of Canada we are from.

Watch the Hockey Sweater video here

The Hockey Sweater X Granted collaboration sweater coming soon?!

Let me know your thoughts on this wonderful story!
For example:

"I know if I had a Toronto maple leafs jersey I would want it eaten by moths!"

"I feel really, really sorry for this boy. He had to wear a maple leafs jersey, I hope he is ok."

"Umm , Go Canucks Go!"

Our pixelated world.....

This video really struck a cord with me.
As I watched the video it brought back memories of my child hood, playing video games like most kids do. The pixelated world depicted in this video really shows how I see the world when thinking and designing our sweaters.

I hope you enjoy this amazing video by One More Productions and Patrick Jean.

PIXELS by Patrick Jean from ONE MORE PRODUCTION on Vimeo.

How to be Canadian instantly!

I just found a funny little item the other day shopping. Unrelated to our sweaters but made me feel that this had some connection with our quirky Canadian lifestyle brand.

"Look and feel Canadian instantly!"

Life transforming breath spray!

I think many of our American friends were needing this to fit in after we won the hockey GOLD during the Olympics.

Sorry to rub it in again!

The back label states:

"You may have read about Canadians in books or watched documentaries about their country on TV, but you probably never imagined that you could be part of this alternative lifestyle......for less than the cost of a glass of beer."


2010 Vancouver Olympic outfits unveiled!

Hudson's Bay Company has just unveiled the Canadian athletes outfits. They will be wearing these outfits around town during the 2010 Winter Olympics. We are happy to see that many of these designs are influenced by traditional motifs that hold a unique and timeless Canadian look.

Now that we have the good looks covered, it's on to the medals!

Everyone at Granted would like to wish the best of luck to all of the Olympic and Para Olympic athletes that will be representing us in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics!


For more information on the unveiling click here

Olympic sweater
Photo courtesy of National post