Collaborations and Experimental Designs

Over the years we've had the privilege of working with notable designers, brands and institutions to produce some of the most unique and beautiful sweaters in the world.  For more information on producing your own custom pieces, contact us at wholesale@grantedclothing.com. Please note that we require a minimum order and do not accept single orders.

Chi Chi’s x Granted

After a string of Official Grateful dead collaborations, our social media chakras aligned and we connected with one of the biggest Deadheads in the land of the rising sun, Sakamoto-san. Owner of the famous Chi Chi's shop, the mecca of Japanese Dead culture and a "must see" location for visiting Deadheads. His funky shop includes a mix of Grateful dead jewelry, apparel and other hippy goods. Our collaboration features the Dead Bears along with the Chi Chi’s highly decorated VW bus that can be found chilling right outside their groovy Tokyo shop.

Wu-Tang X Granted

The killer bees are swarmin'! Commemorating 25 years since the release of their iconic album: Wu-Tang forever .

From their humble beginnings on Staten Island, The Wu-Tang Clan were regarded as one of the most highly influential groups in the rap game, helping to popularize and develop the rugged East Coast hip hop style.

Grateful Dead X Granted

A collaboration of two totally righteous characters! A dash of our first Grateful dead marching bear design with a sprinkle of one of most iconic movie characters of all time, "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski! Far out man! (White Russian not included).

"The Dude Bear abides".

Check out our current Grateful Dead designs here.

Kamen Rider X Granted

Kamen Rider, the real action, grasshopper super hero from the 70’s you never heard of! Legend status in the land of the rising sun, this bug eyed, motorcycle riding warrior that wallops his nemesis’s with swift acrobatics and a powerful punch that sends them out to oblivion!

More details here.

Talking Terps X Granted

Legalized cannabis is breathing new life into an entire ecosystem of artists, designers and creators working in and around weed. Talking Terps perfectly encapsulate this new era of weed culture and the budding fashion scene that comes with it.



GBL X Granted

We had a dream about this sweater and it has finally come into fruition! A must have for any Totoro/ Studio Ghibli fan. Limited edition and exclusively available only through GBL Tokyo in Japan.

Follow the trail of acorns down the forest and come face to face with our fluffy friend we call Totoro!
The Cat bus may frighten you with its flashy eyes but don’t worry he’s all meow and no bite! Hold on tight and let him whisk you away!

More details in our journal here!


Bobby Orr Hall of Fame X Granted

Working together with The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame on an exclusive collection of toques, mittens scarves and sweaters. A limited, unique collection to one of the most iconic hockey players in the world. More details can be found here at The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame.


Jerry Garcia X Granted

The Official Jerry Garcia sweater. Indigo and rusty vine motifs wrap around the sweater. Jerry's friendly bearded silhouette on the back with roses paneled on the front. You know what they say... "It must have been the roses".

More details here.

Corrine Hunt X Burton X Granted

When Granted Sweater Company was approached to work together with Burton Snowboards along side veteran First Nations artist / designer (and long time collaborator) Corinne Hunt, we were elated. The project? Providing home grown winter wear for our 2018 Canadian National Freestyle Snowboard athletes. We are excited to show our pride by providing our athletes with athletic winter wear from an actual snowboard brand that truly says, “I am Canadian”.

More details of the sweaters can be found in our journal here.

The Grateful Dead X Granted

The Grateful Dead are a seminal part of American culture and rock & roll history. The brainchild of John Mayer, we collaborated to create two ultimate Grateful Dead sweaters inspired by the iconic marching bear and Steal Your Face designs. John's love for the band really came to the surface as we fine tuned his ideas and details for these sweaters.

A fashion devotee, John is a known collector of knit sweaters. Not only does he collect, but "John really appreciates the details that go into one of our handcrafted pieces, the sophisticated hand knitting technique we use really connected with him." Says Brian, head honcho at Granted. The end result is two incredible sweaters with fully different impressions; vibes I’m sure would be a proud addition to any Deadhead’s ensemble.

NASA X Granted

Who needs Elon Musk and SpaceX when you can blast off into outer space with our NASA sweater! It's out of this world! More details here!

Happy 80th David Suzuki!

To commemorate Mr Suzuki's 80th birthday on March 24th, we presented him with an earth tone version of the original Suzuki sweater Partial proceeds of each Suzuki sweater will go towards the David Suzuki Foundation.

David Suzuki Sweater

Skull Skates X Granted

We jumped on the opportunity to work with Skull Skates again. This time PD was looking to change up the original sweater design from 2010. We came up with a simple solution by adding jagged red lines and solid black sleeves for a bold stadium jacket look. This sweater can be purchased through their shop.


skull skates sweater

Canadian Wildlife Federation X Granted

Together with the Canadian Wildlife Federation we created the Burrowing Owl sweater. Partial proceeds of each sweater will go towards their foundation to help with conservation and education of nature and wildlife. The Canadian Wildlife Federation collection can be found here.

Canadian Wildlife Federation - Owl Sweater

Official Hockey Night In Canada X Granted

After coming up with the CBC sweater, it was only natural to come up with CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada sweater. Using a deep navy base with baby blue and white hues, this sweater was based on the retro logo that debut in 1952. More details on this hockey sweater here.

Take a look at our current CBC items here.

Hockey Night In Canada Sweater

The Ultimate Warrior X Granted (Experimental)

A tribute to my all time favourite pro-wrestler who passed away this year. RIP Ultimate Warrior. Thanks for the years of pure entertainment. More details here.

Freemans Sporting Club X Granted

We collaborated with Freemans Sporting Club again and came up with The Playboy Bunny Sweater and The FSC Biker Skull Sweater.

Poler X Granted

We collaborated with Poler a third time. Same design but new colours that blend with nature.

Nisus Hotel X Granted

This vintage looking burgundy sweater with white striped sleeves was inspired by American football uniforms from the 1900s. A simple and modern take on varsity jackets in knitted form.

Freemans Sporting Club X Granted

We collaborated with Freemans Sporting Club, a NYC-based men's retailer for handmade goods, and came up with two distinctly different designs - the tree forest silhouette set against the calm starry night and the zig zag motif using neutral colours.

Ken Diamond X Granted

Ken Diamond, a Vancouver artisan, wanted a sweater that complemented his beautifully crafted moccasins. Together we came up with a stadium style hoody with his diamond logo emblazoned on the back.

Bodega X Granted

Bodega, a high-end street wear boutique based out of Boston, commissioned us for a sweater with a portrait of Malcom X. More details on the sweater here.

Poler X Granted

Here we have another version of their previous design but this time with vibrant retro colours of golden yellow and indigo blue.

Nigel Cabourn X Granted

Surrounded by the cold, windy climate of his native North of England, Nigel Cabourn is known as one of the few true outerwear specialists of our time. He works collaboratively with Eddie Bauer. Take a look at the full sweater details here.


Corrine Hunt X Granted

First Nations artist Corinne Hunt is best known for the medals she designed for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, held here in Vancouver and Whistler, BC. She is an accomplished artist who works mostly in metals and wood and we were thrilled to work with Corrine on this sweater.

On The Aboriginal Peace Sweater there are two ravens facing one another on the front. They are energetically recalling the spirit when all we were saying is give peace a chance. The colours: red cedar; grey smoke rising from the ashes; and sand for the beaches that welcome the canoes. More details on artist Corrine Hunt here.


Vulture X Granted

Vulture is a clothing store in Japan. They carry a mix of North American sports wear & lifestyle brands. They took some of our original designs and changed up the colours.

CBC Retro X Granted

Getting in touch with the old CBC days with the nostalgic colours of red, blue and yellow. Our current CBC designs can be found here.

STUSSY X Granted

From skate to surf, from reggae to hip hop, from electronica to preppy to surplus, and everywhere in between, Stüssy still makes its mark.


Poler X Granted

Poler requested this custom design to reflect their outdoor lifestyle brand. Elements of our campfire bear sweater and their cyclops logo come together as one.

CBC Sweater in Gold X Granted

In spirit of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics we designed the red, black and gold CBC sweater. Our current CBC designs can be found here.

Star Wars X Granted (Experimental)

Being a huge fan of the Star Wars movies, I was very excited to work on this design. I went with the famous forest battle scene between the Ewoks and the AT-ATs walkers and used repeating trees throughout the sweater. I came up with the howling Ewok idea from the howling wolf t-shirts that I see everywhere these days. See the full sweater here.

This sweater cannot be put into production because of trademark restrictions. This was created as another example to show what kinds of custom designs we can do.

Official Vancouver Canucks X Granted

We produced this sweater for the Vancouver Canucks in celebration of their 40th anniversary. The sweater includes elements of their past hockey jerseys - the retro V logo on both the back and sleeves, and their current hockey stick logo. Go Canucks go!

Skull Skates X Granted

Skull Skates, Vancouver's original skate brand since 1978, commissioned us for a sweater with their iconic logo on the back. More details on these Skull Skate sweaters here.

Photo by Bob Kronbauer (Vancouver is awesome).


Sitka X Granted

Sitka, a surf / rugged lifestyle brand from Victoria, BC created a beautiful sweater called the Howling Wolf.

Four Horsemen X Granted

Four Horsemen is a men's boutique located in the heart of Victoria, BC. They came up with The Horse Skull and The Apocalypse designs and we delivered the knitted pieces.

Canucks X Granted (Experimental)

This was another one-off design made for a friend who is a die hard Canucks fan. When we posted it on our blog it went viral. Within a year of its release, a representative from the Canucks organization contacted us for an order. Watch out for the new Canucks sweater, going in stores in the fall of 2010.

Official CBC Heritage Sweater X Granted

We designed this sweater, featuring the iconic CBC logo and zig-zags representing analog radio waves, for our brother-in-law who lives in England. We knew he grew up watching and listening to CBC programming, and we wanted to give him a special connection to home. He loved the sweater and was happy for the nostalgic gesture.

Though we blogged about the sweater, trademark restrictions prevented us from offering it for sale. That is, until CBC Radio 3's Grant Lawrence noticed the sweater. He was very excited about the sweater and provided us with great exposure on air. Now, once considered the unofficial CBC sweater, the rest is history as we're pleased to offer this one-of-a-kind hand-knit piece as the official CBC sweater! Available for purchase here.

Official David Suzuki Sweater X Granted

David Suzuki, Co-Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, is an award-winning scientist, environmentalist, broadcaster and Canadian icon. He may be best known for presenting the complexities of the natural sciences in his radio and television programs, but to us, he's a local man who's dedicated to making the world a better, greener place.

This was one of our first experimental sweaters. We were curious to see how complicated knitting could get and learned that intarsia knitting, or "picture knitting", has no limitations. Days after posting a photo of the completed sweater and blogging about it, an employee at the David Suzuki Foundation contacted us. We produced a limited run of these sweaters with partial proceeds going directly to the David Suzuki Foundation. More details here.