Wildlife artist - Dwayne Harty

Granted Feature:

Acclaimed wildlife artist, Dwayne Harty was commissioned by the Canadian Wildlife Federation to create works of art depicting wild bison. Dwayne has also worked on the Yellowstone to Yukon: the Journey of wildlife and Art project. As a wildlife painter, he is often out in the field observing, studying the animals and painting on location.

Bison are a keystone species that keeps the environment health, prairies vibrant. They are a vital part of the ecosystem. The work and awareness that CWF and Dwayne Harty bring to the bison is important to ensure that both subspecies of bison remain part of our natural heritage!

Dwayne is in our CWF Bison Sweater with his miniature Labrdoodle, Sargent in Victor, Idaho, on the west side of the Teton Mountains.

Dwayne Harty website.

Dwayne Harty facebook.