• Sweater feature - Stadium cable knit lavender sweater
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Sweater feature - Stadium cable knit lavender sweater

A typical cable "fisherman's" sweater is a bulky garment with cable patterns on the chest. The original Irish fisherman sweater's wool retained lanolin, making them water-resistant and perfect for days at sea.

It is said, that the first fisherman’s sweaters had certain cable patterns knit into them depending on their origin town or last name, this is so that if the fishermen were to go overboard and drown during fishing their bodies could be quickly identified even if they had been badly disfigured at sea.

The lavender cable knit sweater is a refreshing new colour brought into our line. Why blend in when you can stand out with the two-toned lavender sweater? With that in mind, we thought Autumn Woods (our model) would be the perfect person to help show it off.

Autumn is bursting with creativity, he makes great music, hosts a podcast, and beautifully models a wide variety of styles. He was born and raised right here in Vancouver, and aligns with our actions of keeping our planet healthy. You can find Autumn on Instagram at @autumn._.woods


Photos by Devan Head



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