The NASA Sweater Has Landed

Rocketing into outer space and floating in zero gravity; my childhood dream to one day become an astronaut.  I dug through some old photos of my early years and used this as inspiration for Granted’s new NASA sweater. It proved a difficult task at first, as there were so many events and icons to draw from throughout the decades. We landed on the now retired “worm” logo, a vivid representation of my growing up in the 80s. It’s playful, it’s fun, it has an astronaut, rockets and retro gradients all vibrantly mixed into a spacey milky way of timeless knitting craft.  The NASA sweater has landed.

NASA Sweater Back

Store Feature: Quark Expeditions

Since 1991, Quark Expeditions has specialized in expedition cruising to the Arctic and Antarctica, in ships with ice-strengthened hulls or in icebreakers. Polar travelers will enjoy unparalleled technical expertise, leadership and passion for expedition trips to the Arctic and Antarctica.

Quark Expedition Polar Adventure Ships are platforms for optional sea-kayaking, camping, mountaineering and cross-country skiing. Their small size enables them to sail channels and bays through which our icebreakers cannot sail. The ability to get close to landscapes and wildlife make these vessels extraordinary base camps for photographers.

Many of our polar themed items can now be found at the Quark Expedition shops on board.

For more information on how you can be a part of a Quark Expedition here.

Photo: The Planet D



Store Feature: Hills of Kerrisdale

Hill's of Kerrisdale has a rich history in Vancouver's retail landscape and it is a cornerstone in the neighbourhood and shopping district of Kerrisdale. The family's retail business originated in 1914 and Hill's of Kerrisdale opened its doors in the mid 1920's. Third generation retailers, brother and sister team Ross and Nancy Hill have continued their father's success with Hill's of Kerrisdale and expanding the business to Blue Ruby Jewellery in 1998 and Ray Rickburn Fine Men's Apparel in 2004.

The atmosphere of Hill's of Kerrisdale is a vintage, old school feel but their merchandise is anything but. A fashion destination for men's and ladies branded clothing and accessories. Hill's is constantly sourcing new items and brands but at the same time keeping their "must have" customer favourites. Shopping at Hill's of Kerrisdale is an experience of the best kind, like meeting a new friend and feeling like you've known them forever.

Hills of Kerrisdale

2125 West 41st Avenue,
Vancouver, BC V6M 1Z3


Phone: 604-266-9177

Email: hills@hillsofkerrisdale.com




Store Feature: Thrive Lifestyle

Thrive Lifestyle is an ethical fashion boutique located on beautiful Salt Spring Island, B.C.  Thrive carries local, hand made, socially responsible, and eco friendly clothing and accessories for the whole family. Thrive is home to a handmade studio where owners Zoe Dubien and Jessica Wilson design, sew and print their own line of clothing and home decor. This gives customers the unique opportunity to see our creative process and engage in the product while it's being produced.

"We believe style doesn't have to be compromised when living an ethical lifestyle. You can feel good buying products here made with love, care, and consciousness."


Thrive Lifestyle

113-109 McPhillips Ave
Salt Spring Island, B.C V8K 2T6
Hours of operation: 10AM-5PM


Contact: contact.thrivelifestyle@gmail.com




Bodega store and Granted

Paying tribute to the late human rights activist, Malcom X features a shawl collar and frontal zip-up closure, while tribal patterns accent the sleeves, chests and pockets and an iconic portrait takes pride of place on the backside.

The sweaters will be available exclusively only at Bodega, both in-store and online.

More details of the sweater here.



Store Feature: Granville Island Hat Shop

For almost thirty years the hat shop has been a destination and landmark for Vancouver’s residents and visitors alike. The shop has offered a range of traditional men's and ladies toppers, as well as casual selections for the entire family since its inception in the late 80’s. 

The shop has recently undergone a facelift and complete re branding to coincide with the launch of a private label and full service restoration studio, the only one of its kind in BC. The shop provides vast selection of Canadian, European, Australian, and American designs. Most notably Borsalino, Christy’s of London, and Akubra for the gentleman and Lilliput, Canadian Hat and many other couture millinery pieces for the ladies.

With deep roots in Vancouver and a strong knowledge of the city’s unpredictable weather patterns the shop puts a focus on fashionable yet functional head wear. The store has become a haven for hat enthusiasts young and old and has transformed many skeptical souls into true devotees.

Granville Island Hat Shop

4-1666 Johnston St. The Netloft Granville Island
4-1666 Johnston St. The Netloft Granville Island
4-1666 Johnston St. The Netloft Granville Island

1666 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9

Contact: info@thehatshop.ca



Store Feature: Simply Rose Photography (Vancouver, BC)

 Store Feature: Simply Rose Photography

 Simply Rose Photography is a Vancouver-based certified Greener photographer focusing on weddings, engagements, day afters and custom creative sessions. Simply Rose is fresh and natural with photo journalistic elements that tell a story.

Rose (Photographer) chose our popular motif links sweater and paired it with model Michelle Cyr for a beautiful photo shoot themed "Cozy Bookworm"

To see more of Rose's recent work take a look at her website below.

Simply Rose Photography

Email: rose@simply-rose.com

Store Feature: Steveston Maternity (Richmond, BC)

Store Feature: Steveston Maternity (Richmond, BC)

Steveston Village Maternity has baby and moms needs covered!  They carry stylish clothing and the perfect products for today’s pregnant woman and her baby to be.  Specializing in maternity and baby’s first needs, they have lines that start at birth and some that will fit your early teen.  Loving their location in the heart Steveston village, the store owners (Beth and Ben) are so excited to have the opportunity to fill the needs of the locals as well as those of the lower mainland.  Come down and check out their unique selection of great international and Canadian products. 

View our full line of kids vest.

Steveston Maternity

#110-3911 Moncton Street, Richmond, BC V7E 3A7


Telephone: 778.297.7379



Store Feature: Powder Company (Niseko, Japan)

A shop in the heart of the famous ski resort Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan. Powder company is a unique blend of retail space and back country guided tours.

I had the pleasure of riding with the best local guides deep in their backyard. Slashing powder and pillow lines all day.

Keep an eye out for a collaboration with Powder Company in the near future!

Special thanks to:

Powder company guides

Kage Inakage (Guide photographer)

Gentem stick (Snowboards made in Japan)

Store Feature: The Drake General Store (Toronto, ON)

The Drake General Store is a unique hotel gift shop in the heart of Toronto. The Drake has three awesome locations to choose from and stocks items beyond postcards and toothpaste. However they do have postcards AND toothpaste but the postcards are retro images of Canada and our toothpaste is Marvis, a beautifully packaged paste from Italy in such interesting flavours such as Jasmine and Ginger.

The Drake also seamlessly mix in vintage with new and feature just unlikely items such as a Jenna Jameson Colouring book next to a Godard Film Book.

The most interesting thing about The Drake General Store is that since its a hotel gift shop they get a great revolving selection of interesting guests from fun and crazy Frenchmen to Feist and even David Cross!

You can find more info on The Drake General Store(s) here

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