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The Last Dance

When I first heard that there was a Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix, The Last Dance  to be honest it really didn't spark my interest. The love for the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan during my childhood had long passed.

After finally watching a few episodes, memories of my youth quickly came rushing back. The days of my crooked Fresh Prince flat top haircut from my Mom, the sounds of my bulls starter parka rustling in the wind, getting beat up for my Jordan shoes (just kidding) and the wingspan poster of Air Jordan pinned on my wall (next to the Cindy Crawford poster of course!) became so clear and vivid! I was so excited to watch the next episodes, I had almost forgotten that the world outside had turned upside down a month earlier, due to COVID-19.

The Last Dance dove right into all of MJ’s struggles on and off the court, how each time he persevered, rising up from failure and finding success. Reconnecting with these stories was perfect timing as I applied his positive mindset to my own outlook on life. It also gave me a reason to create something unique and pay tribute to his Airness.

The Rising Jordan sweater is based off MJ’s early career and has many subtle design details. Simple colour blocking elements from the first Air Jordan 1 shoe sole (circa 1985). In addition, a unique gradient sunrise detail that was popular design in the 80’s that consists of 23 rows of black knitting lines. It tells the story of Michael's will to wake up and push himself to the limits every day. The wings on the sleeves are based on the original Air Jordan wings logo with a placement nod to the famous “wingspan” poster. The shiny gold zipper adds some bling to the traditional Bulls colourway. A similar bit of flash to when a young Jordan, dripping with style sported a layered gold chain in his rookie year dunk contest.

The Rising Jordan sweater for the G.O.A.T.

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