• Brand Feature: Lichen (Cherryville, BC)
  • Brand Feature

Brand Feature: Lichen (Cherryville, BC)

The Lichen story:

Originally from Winnipeg, the designer, Kerri returned to her hometown after she sought after some unestablished roots.  Longing for the home stead life she found a small town off the map.  There she used her jewelery making skills with some local and non-toxic materials and discovered antler. Because there are more deer there than humans, antlers seemed a good match for her. She is truly grateful that there are plenty of these natural materials around.

Each piece is unique, colored perfectly without ever being able to duplicate its perfection. Leaving the unfinished antler pieces to stand naturally on its own, or sometimes adding some bands of color to give it that extra flair. 

For more information on how to purchase Lichen earring contact Kerri here

  • Brand Feature

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