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The Process

Makers of Canadian Heritage Sweaters

Granted Sweater Company was established in 1978 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Now in its second generation, the family business continues to design and produce locally, using only domestic wool yarn.

Due to the lengthy process of hand-knitting, production is limited. However, this allows for an attention to detail and quality that has become synonymous with the brand. All knitters are local and carefully selected for consistent craftsmanship.

Manufacturing in Canada has its challenges, especially with the current trend of fast fashion produced overseas. Fortunately, there is a growing appreciation for long lasting, hand made and sustainable items. These classic designs are always in fashion and so durable that they have a lifetime of wear.

(Photo: Justin Craigen)


Wool is gathered from across Canada and processed in a mill located in New Brunswick, Canada. There the wool is sorted, scoured, dyed, carded and spun.

Since the beginning, our sweaters have always been made from 100% wool. This amazing natural fibre is sustainable, durable, breathable, body temperature regulating and insulating even when wet.

The free roaming sheep are ethically treated. Sheep are unharmed during the shearing process.


Raw stock scouring. Wool is washed to remove dirt, oil and feed.

(Photo: Briggs & Little)

Skein drying.


Yarn is spun and ready to be knit with.

Traditional Knitting Methods, Timeless Designs

Each piece is authentic and rich in craftsmanship. The designs are contemporary but the knitting methods applied are centuries old. Granted’s hand-knit sweaters, like a favourite pair of jeans or a genuine leather wallet, soften and gain character over time.

In studio, yarn is weighed and picked up by a knitter who knits from the comfort of their home.

Each stitch is carefully knit by hand. A sweater can take up to 20 - 25 hours of knitting.

In our studio each zipper pull is made with durable Canadian maple wood then hand branded with a “g” logo.

Finished authentic sweater. All hand made in Canada.





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