Bodega store and Granted

Paying tribute to the late human rights activist, Malcom X features a shawl collar and frontal zip-up closure, while tribal patterns accent the sleeves, chests and pockets and an iconic portrait takes pride of place on the backside.

The sweaters will be available exclusively only at Bodega, both in-store and online.

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Ken Diamond and Granted


Ken Diamond X Granted


The latest Ken Diamond X Granted collaboration brings together parallel passions for handmade long lasting quality. Our 100% woolen hand-knit clothing keeps your soul warm for a lifetime. Both Ken and I became good friends, usually talking over fancy pennie tasting beers as we jammed on this new collaboration of timeless vision. Check it out and get it on.


More on the Ken Diamond brand here.


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Nigel Cabourn, Eddie Bauer and Granted

Nigel Cabourn Authentic in collaboration with a Eddie Bauer and Granted hand knits.  UK Designer, Nigel Cabourn designs quality garments with inspirations by accessing the archives of Eddie Bauer’s vintage museum of great American outerwear dating back from 1920 to the 1950s.

This uniquely detailed goose design jumper was added to Cabourn's 2012-2013 F/ W line. Patterns and motif placement are collected elements from a vintage knitted hunting pattern. Other details such as the original Eddie Bauer flying goose pattern and Cabourn's custom zippers and collar button closure.

"I'm not really interested in doing things that don't work in the long term. All of the fabrics I use are really wonderful, really practical. It's clothing for men, after all."
Nigel Cabourn




Photograph by James Pearson-Howes for Inventory Magazine 




Flamingo sweater- vivid accents

Remember when you were younger and worked down on the loading docks, cousin Vinny from uptown would come help unload the shipments with you? Remember? No? Actually we don't either.

Inspired by the vivid colours of the hit TV show in the 80's, a limited run of these sweaters was produced for a cartel destined for Japan.

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The Hockey Sweater

Just received this in the mail, The Hockey Sweater book!

This story was an important part of my youth as I grew up watching and playing hockey. I believe this story is a vital part of our Canadian heritage as most of us can relate to this boy in some way regardless of what part of Canada we are from.

Watch the Hockey Sweater video here

The Hockey Sweater X Granted collaboration sweater coming soon?!

Let me know your thoughts on this wonderful story!
For example:

"I know if I had a Toronto maple leafs jersey I would want it eaten by moths!"

"I feel really, really sorry for this boy. He had to wear a maple leafs jersey, I hope he is ok."

"Umm , Go Canucks Go!"