• Stadium cable sweater (indigo/navy) - Styled by Clément Breton
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Stadium cable sweater (indigo/navy) - Styled by Clément Breton


Clément Breton (Paris, France)

My style is not really defined, it is a mix between work wear, military and vintage. Utility clothing in all these spans. I like to be able to mix the inspirations, materials, colors to create something more accomplished.

My grandfather was a farmer and I inherited some of his clothes, his hunting jacket is the trigger I think;) I really like to return to the roots of garments, What they convey in the past,  A return to true values.

"I love the blues for this model, a good basic item for several of my outfits. The wool is really beautiful, I like this dry and raw side of the material. The raglan sleeves gives it a much more current look that I like well, the difference in gauge and knitting on the collar gives a slightly more rustic side (the perfect balance). The double zipper closure is good and essential for me on this kind of sweater".

Follow more of Clément at his instagram account ,Crafted Paris.

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