• Canadian Wildlife Federation - Right Whale Sweater
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Canadian Wildlife Federation - Right Whale Sweater

We are happy to introduce our new Right whale sweater with the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) is a national not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to ensuring an appreciation of our natural world and a lasting legacy of healthy wildlife and habitat. CWF is also a leader in marine conservation initiatives designed to help marine wildlife flourish, working collaboratively to ensure the conservation of endangered marine species like the North Atlantic Right Whale.

Did you know:

  • North Atlantic Right Whales weigh in at nearly 70 tonnes, reaching 17 metres in length?
  • Female Right Whales can live for over 50 years?
  • They are notoriously slow to grow? Females don’t reach sexual maturity until their 10th birthday. When pregnant they give birth to just one calf.
  • Between two and six whales are killed every year due to entanglement in fishing gear?
  • Based on scarring patterns, it’s likely more than 100 North Atlantic Right Whales become entangled in ropes every year?
  • Less than 500 Right Whales remain in our oceans?

Proceeds from the purchase of this sweater go to support CWF’s vital conservation programs.


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