• Japan Love Project tsunami debris clean up (Tofino, Ucluelet)
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Japan Love Project tsunami debris clean up (Tofino, Ucluelet)

 Japan marked their second anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that left nearly 19,000 people dead or missing and has displaced more than 300,000.

This past weekend Japan Love Project partnered up alongside Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada (Tofino), Environmental and Emergency Services (Ucluelet) and participated in the clean up of various tsunami debris that continues to wash up along parts of these shores.

On the final day, a moment of silence and a memorial service was conducted by the Mayor Ucluelet, Bill Irving. Many other volunteers and representatives were in attendance for the memorial service and in support of Japan. We are truly grateful for the assistance we received from both towns and local volunteers as they welcomed us with open arms.

  Japan Love Project, is a volunteer group that was started to help support the recovery of Japan  after the 3.11 earthquake. Mostly student based, working alongside with BC JERF, Japan Love Project was able to raise a grand total of CA $328.050.02 through street donations and donation boxes at various Vancouver locations. Since then Japan Love Project continues to participate in events to show gratitude to those who have assisted and have come to the aid of Japan during these rebuilding times.

 For more information on future Japan Love Project and events and how to make donations to Japan please click below.

Japan Love Project website

CTV Tsunami debris Japan Love Project feature

Special thanks to:

Tofino - Louanne Ralston
Promotion Officer, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada
Ucluelet – Karla Robison
District Manager of Environmental and Emergency Services
Mayor of Ucluelet – Bill Irving


Photo credit: Kouki Murata, Minoru Hirano





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