• Brand Feature: Billy Would (Vancouver, BC)
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Brand Feature: Billy Would (Vancouver, BC)

Billy Would Designs is the result of a love for wood, reusing materials and
great friends and family. Officially started in 2007 with a few simple jewellery
designs it's grown like a bad case of cooties, expanding to include belt
buckles, cuff links and constant new designs. Based in North Vancouver BC 'Billy
Would' salvages wood offcuts, scrap and broken skateboards to create one of a
kind pieces that are low impact on the environment. Salvaged wood suppliers like Larrivee Guitars and the Boardroom there's never a dull moment!

Awesome accessories for guys and gals! Just bought a piece for the Girlfriend and she loves the Canadian hand made appeal to these pieces.

  • AccessoriesBrand FeatureUnisex

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