• Official Release of the David Suzuki Sweater!
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Official Release of the David Suzuki Sweater!

Three years ago the David Suzuki sweater started off as a concept project to see if the details of a person's face would show properly on a knit swatch. Our knitter's skill had to be tested as some of our Granted sweaters were going to be quite detailed in the future. One of our designer's had an idea to knit up a Canadian icon and we all decided that David Suzuki's face would make for an interesting knit. After weeks of tweaking, we finally had a design we were happy with. We waited anxiously as the knitters finished up the swatch (pictured) and the knit sample turned out better than planned. The next step was to make it into a sweater, we added Douglas Firs on the front and a simple motif... the sweater was finally complete! From there we posted it on our blog site not knowing the excitement it would bring and soon after we heard from the David Suzuki Foundation!


Today we are proud to announce that we will be selling the OFFICIAL David Suzuki sweater with partial proceeds going directly to the David Suzuki Foundation . This is your chance to own a unique piece of Canadiana. These sweaters will be produced in limited numbers and available only through our website.

Our new shopping cart will be up and running in August but you can pre-order now by emailing us at mail@grantedclothing.com

David Suzuki, Co-Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, is an award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster. He is renowned for his radio and television programs that explain the complexities of the natural sciences in a compelling, easily understood way.


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  • Nov 30, 2017

    Do you still sell the david suzuki sweaters? if so, what is the cost?

    — sarah

  • Jun 29, 2010

    GREAT idea. Glad you could arrange for them to be sold to the public. I look forward to seeing other sweater faces around town!

    — Jessica

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