• CBC Sweater at Hockey Night In Canada
  • Custom Design

CBC Sweater at Hockey Night In Canada

We designed another one-off, Canadian Heritage-style sweater, this time paying tribute to the one and only great Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Our sweater received many compliments by wild beer-swiggin', hot-dog-eating Canadian fans on the best night of the week - Hockey Night In Canada, baby! Yeaaahhh...

CBC Sweater

  • Custom Design

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  • 3月 10, 2010

    Bummer… I actually saw this on the CBC website randomly and I thought “Where can I get this!?”

    How unfortunate. I prolly wouldn’t be able to convince myself to cough up the $300+ dollars anyways. So thanks for not providing the temptation. The other sweaters are lovely though.

    — richrich

  • 2月 23, 2010

    That is an awesome sweater. My husband is also a long-time listener, and I would love to have one of these!

    — Cristabelyyc

  • 2月 25, 2010

    My boyfriend really, really loves this. Is there any way to get one? Or have another one made? Please?

    — Alana

  • 2月 25, 2010

    We’ve had so many requests but unfortunately can’t make it for legal reasons… sorry. We have other sweaters he may like at www.grantedclothing.com.

    — ahirano

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