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Hi my name is Andy Chen, owner, operator and trainer at Sea Level Athletics. We are a Cross Fit gym and fitness community that has been serving Richmond and Vancouver residents since 2019.

At Sea Level athletics we have a diverse community of members that are dedicated to improving their fitness. Our main offering is one hour classes that combine weightlifting, gymnastics and high intensity cardiovascular movements. These classes are designed to be accessible to people of all levels and coached so that everyone can follow along. We have teenagers, seniors, office workers and professional athletes all training alongside each other.

I love my job and find my position extremely satisfying. The first reason is that I get to help people achieve things they thought were impossible whether that be their first pushup or pull-up or showing up to class on a regular basis and breaking a sweat. It's always exciting to see people build confidence in their physical ability and become healthier in the process.

The second reason is that I get to watch the development of our community. It's great to watch our members hype each other up to try and lift a little more weight or push a little harder for an extra rep. We celebrate each other’s personal records and when someone fails a lift, we give them props for having the courage to try. Doing a tough workout with a group of people inevitably brings them together and many great friendships have been formed inside the walls of our gym.

COVID-19 has brought us many obstacles, fortunately we have been able to remain open, but it has changed the way we operate. We follow many of the standard COVID protocols such as mask wearing and social distancing. In addition our classes have de-emphasized high intensity movements that require heavy respiration and shifted towards technique focused body-weight and weightlifting exercises.  

Supporting local business is important to me because local businesses take care of their communities through gestures both small and large. We make conversation with our customers and get to know them personally. When a beloved customer runs into trouble, we are often more flexible, understanding and willing to help.

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Andy is wearing our bomber vest and wearing our campfire logo trucker cap.

Photos by Devan Head.










Campfire logo trucker cap

Our Campfire logo trucker cap comes with a structured melton wool front crown adorned with a laser cut logo piece and mesh backing for an all season look.

Each cap comes with a pre curved brim which includes an inner cool max lining and adjustable snap back. Available in 4 colours: black, charcoal, green and navy.

Available here.


January Jones - Customized hula girl sweater

The beautiful and talented actor January Jones strutting around in her customized orange Hula girl sweater!

We think the fun theme and bright colours she chose match up perfectly with her quirky personality!

Customization option of colours on a original designs available.

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(January is 5'7" and wearing a medium size)



宇宙空間へ打ち上がるロケット、無重力空間での浮遊。 私の子供時代の夢はいつか宇宙飛行士になることでした。 私の幼い頃の写真を見つけ出し、新しい NASAセーターのインスピレーションとして使用しました。 何十年間にもわたって数多くのイベントやアイコンが描かれていたため、最初は難しい作業でしたが、1970年代から1992年代までの約20年間ほど使われた「ワーム」と呼ばれた40年前にデザインされたとは思えない未来的なロゴを使うことに辿り着きました。またそのロゴは1980年代を生きた私の象徴でもあります。遊び心があり、ユニーク。宇宙飛行士、ロケット、ワームそしてミルキーウェイが一つになった超豪華なセーターは時代を超越します。

NASA Sweater Back

Aloha vibes vest collection(現在ベストのお取り扱いをしておりません。ご了承下さい。)



何にでも合うベーシックカラーで フラガールベスト が出来ました。このベストを着てフラダンスに挑戦してみるのは如何でしょうか?

あの地の太陽とカラッとした暑さを連想させる パイナップルベスト は腰周りをポリネシアのトライバルモチーフが包みます。




DAY by Granted





Granted AW 2016 viewing at Capsule NYC

私達新しいブランドであるDay by GrantedをNew York/Capsuleショーにて紹介できる興奮と喜びを噛み締めています!!

Day by Granted(新しいブランド)


A / W 2016 New York Women's

221930630PM / 222930630PM / 223930530PM


Pier 94, 711 12th Ave, New York, NY 10019


Sail Voyage vest - Styled by Kyoko(現在ベストのお取り扱いをしておりません。ご了承下さい。)

心地よい夏風と寝っ転がるのに最適な芝生。 ベストが最適のこの季節。お気に入りのセーターをベストにしてみては如何でしょうか?

Kado_by_Kyoko Instagram



Celsia Florist 
1930 Arbutus Street
Vancouver, BC
V6J 3X7
Phone: 604-731-3314

Photo credit:
Tanabe + photography



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