Driftwood- Handmade Granted sign

Our artist friend Mr.Shiga made a wonderful handmade Granted sign for our showroom. With his artist skills and background he was able to create a sign that complimented the handmade aspects of our brand

It only took a piece of drift wood, wood varnish, nails, wool and imagination, from there he was able to make a regular piece of wood into something amazing. Take a look at some of the steps taken when building this wooden sign.


Local driftwood found along Vancouvers 3rd beach. The piece was polished and varnished with some antique finish stain.

Nails placed outlining our Granted font.

Finished logo with the placed nails painted white so they can bee seen on the drift wood. Kind of has a analog "Tron" like feel eh?

Our wool carefully placed within the walls of the nails.

Finished driftwood sign. All handmade just like our sweaters. Now it just needs to be hung up in our showroom!

Please welcome Sterling our new blog contributor!


Photo by: William Pitt-Thacker


Photo by: Evan Mitsui

Photo by: Evan Mitsui


Sterling Pearce is a modern-day explorer. Whether ski touring or mountain biking into untouched mountain ranges, hiking around rocky headlands in search of new surf breaks or traveling BC and the world for new experiences, he carries his trusty camera and enjoys sharing the stories and photos with friends through his blog. Sterling will also be contributing to the Granted blog.

Through the years and adventures he has come to appreciate the warmth and comfort of wool garments; now Granted Clothing allows him to stay warm and look awesome in whatever conditions he finds himself in. 

Our new logo?

We are planning to change our original logo.

Cutting edge, sleek, bold, futuristic, hover board... these are just some things that came to mind when we designed the new logo below.

Please let us know your thoughts.


How to be Canadian instantly!

I just found a funny little item the other day shopping. Unrelated to our sweaters but made me feel that this had some connection with our quirky Canadian lifestyle brand.

"Look and feel Canadian instantly!"

Life transforming breath spray!

I think many of our American friends were needing this to fit in after we won the hockey GOLD during the Olympics.

Sorry to rub it in again!

The back label states:

"You may have read about Canadians in books or watched documentaries about their country on TV, but you probably never imagined that you could be part of this alternative lifestyle......for less than the cost of a glass of beer."


Granted sweater featured in a comic book!

A unique feature was done with Granted in a comic by artist John Christmas.

The main character, Aquanaut Zero is based on the facial characteristics of one of the designers here at Granted. This story takes place deep in the waters of the ocean were there is tension with deep sea creatures.  Aquanaut Zero battles against huge Octopus monsters that are taking over the base down below.

If you look carefully at some of the scenes they feature our very own  Ainu Sweater . Wear one of these and feel like a super hero!

John Christmas is the Artist on BARACK THE BARBARIAN: THE FALL OF RED SARAH as well as providing cover artwork for the first issue of JERICHO: Season 3. He also provided artwork for The Pekar Project. You can see what else he's up to here .



Aug 29th (Sat) - Yarn Warehouse Sale

Calling out to all Vancouver knitters - come to our first yarn warehouse sale this Saturday. We'll have bags and bags of wool yarn ranging in plys, colours and types such as merino, alpaca and ANGORA at discount prices.

August 29th (Saturday) from 10 - 4.
#111 - 2931 Olafsen Avenue, Richmond
(just right off of Bridgeport Rd, between Ikea and Costco)