• Granted sweater featured in a comic book!
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Granted sweater featured in a comic book!

A unique feature was done with Granted in a comic by artist John Christmas.

The main character, Aquanaut Zero is based on the facial characteristics of one of the designers here at Granted. This story takes place deep in the waters of the ocean were there is tension with deep sea creatures.  Aquanaut Zero battles against huge Octopus monsters that are taking over the base down below.

If you look carefully at some of the scenes they feature our very own  Ainu Sweater . Wear one of these and feel like a super hero!

John Christmas is the Artist on BARACK THE BARBARIAN: THE FALL OF RED SARAH as well as providing cover artwork for the first issue of JERICHO: Season 3. He also provided artwork for The Pekar Project. You can see what else he's up to here .



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