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The Hockey Sweater

Just received this in the mail, The Hockey Sweater book!

This story was an important part of my youth as I grew up watching and playing hockey. I believe this story is a vital part of our Canadian heritage as most of us can relate to this boy in some way regardless of what part of Canada we are from.

Watch the Hockey Sweater video here

The Hockey Sweater X Granted collaboration sweater coming soon?!

Let me know your thoughts on this wonderful story!
For example:

"I know if I had a Toronto maple leafs jersey I would want it eaten by moths!"

"I feel really, really sorry for this boy. He had to wear a maple leafs jersey, I hope he is ok."

"Umm , Go Canucks Go!"

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  • 4月 10, 2011

    Hi Quincey, yes the moths tend to like more expensive materials than the polyesters you stated. Fortunately we have not had a problem with moths!

    — Minphis

  • 4月 10, 2011

    This is a great story. Old school wool hockey sweaters are the best. Moths just won’t eat polyester.

    — Quincey

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