• Granted designs Don Cherry sweater for WORN Fashion journal
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Granted designs Don Cherry sweater for WORN Fashion journal

Granted was requested by WORN Fashion Journal to contribute to their Don Cherry fashion article "Cherry picking". Don Cherry is an opinionated, controversial, and best of all, sartorially splendid Canadian icon. WORN Fashion Journal invited six artists and designers from across the country to reinterpret his image, garnering results that may rival Don's wardrobe in their diversity.

Inspiration behind this sweater was the iconic chunky knit sweater of the Canadian West Coast. The dog pattern was modeled after Mr.Cherry's late dog Blue that was featured in many early "Rock em' sock em" videos. The overall colourway was taken from the days of his coaching years with the Boston Bruins. His nickname "Grapes" is placed on the back like a hockey jersey.

WORN Fashion journal discusses the cultures, subcultures, histories, and personal stories of fashion. We strive to embody a place between pop culture magazine and academic journal that opens new avenues in art and fashion theory by hovering where these two ideas intersect, connecting with fashion scholars and artists.

You can find an issue of WORN Fashion journal here or take a look at their blog .




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