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Inspiration: Smithers BC, Canada

Just returned from a trip up in Smithers BC, Canada (A 15 hour drive North from Vancouver). There was so much untouched raw nature to see! The mountains were truly inspiring.

I had an amazing time snowboarding one of the local mountains and checking out some back country areas out on our old retro sleds (complete with neon decals). During our sled up we came across some fresh moose tracks and also saw some eagles gracefully soaring above us.

On our decent down we passed an area of the mountain that was used in the recent movie The Grey featuring Liam Neeson. Fortunately for us there were no killer man eating wolves out to get us like in the movie. However we were lucky enough to see a rare wolverine but it was long gone by the time I got my camera out.

I highly recommend visiting Smithers, BC! There is so much to do! Click here for more information.

Thank you Meyer Family!

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