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Store Feature: The Drake General Store (Toronto, ON)

The Drake General Store is a unique hotel gift shop in the heart of Toronto. The Drake has three awesome locations to choose from and stocks items beyond postcards and toothpaste. However they do have postcards AND toothpaste but the postcards are retro images of Canada and our toothpaste is Marvis, a beautifully packaged paste from Italy in such interesting flavours such as Jasmine and Ginger.

The Drake also seamlessly mix in vintage with new and feature just unlikely items such as a Jenna Jameson Colouring book next to a Godard Film Book.

The most interesting thing about The Drake General Store is that since its a hotel gift shop they get a great revolving selection of interesting guests from fun and crazy Frenchmen to Feist and even David Cross!

You can find more info on The Drake General Store(s) here

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