Brand Feature: Lichen (Cherryville, BC)

The Lichen story:

Originally from Winnipeg, the designer, Kerri returned to her hometown after she sought after some unestablished roots.  Longing for the home stead life she found a small town off the map.  There she used her jewelery making skills with some local and non-toxic materials and discovered antler. Because there are more deer there than humans, antlers seemed a good match for her. She is truly grateful that there are plenty of these natural materials around.

Each piece is unique, colored perfectly without ever being able to duplicate its perfection. Leaving the unfinished antler pieces to stand naturally on its own, or sometimes adding some bands of color to give it that extra flair. 

For more information on how to purchase Lichen earring contact Kerri here

Brand Feature: Pyrrha (Vancouver, BC)

From their Vancouver studio, using techniques that evolved from trial and error and a disregard for rules, Canadian jewelry designers Wade Papin and Danielle Wilmore craft the heraldic wax seal talismans that have become the Pyrrha signature......(more here)

The knowledgeable staff at a local clothing store I had stepped into had informed me that the beautiful pieces of jewelry were hand crafted locally. Each piece is made purposely with imperfections from the original wax seal molds, the overall finish of each piece has a subtle vintage appeal. My Pyrrha necklace and pendant gives my outfit that needed finishing touch.

See the rest of Pyrrha's beautiful collection here

(pictured on the left is my pendant: Wings and wheat signifying the protection of one's hopes and dreams)

Brand Feature: Billy Would (Vancouver, BC)

Billy Would Designs is the result of a love for wood, reusing materials and
great friends and family. Officially started in 2007 with a few simple jewellery
designs it's grown like a bad case of cooties, expanding to include belt
buckles, cuff links and constant new designs. Based in North Vancouver BC 'Billy
Would' salvages wood offcuts, scrap and broken skateboards to create one of a
kind pieces that are low impact on the environment. Salvaged wood suppliers like Larrivee Guitars and the Boardroom there's never a dull moment!

Awesome accessories for guys and gals! Just bought a piece for the Girlfriend and she loves the Canadian hand made appeal to these pieces.

Brand Feature: Viberg Boots (Victoria, BC)

Our friend over at Viberg Boots supplied our photo shoot with some of their best handmade leather boots around. Their boots were a perfect fit with our sweaters.

Viberg Boot company is a family run, Canadian business established in 1931. Their original boots were made for loggers and trades people. The factory is still based out of Victoria, BC and to this day they stay true to their production roots by using their original hand crafting methods. Viberg produces some of the finest and long lasting boots on earth.

Below Brett Viberg is wearing the "service boot" which is based on one of the original farm boot patterns his grandfather made in the 1930's.

The button knit vest is by Granted.