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Corrine Hunt X Burton X Team Canada

 Burton Snowboards、カナダの先住民アーティスであるコリン・ハントと共同で生み出された手編みのセーターは、スノーボード・アスリート村でオリンピック選手によって愛用されました。 そのセーターを高解像度で写真に撮り、その写真をジャケットの生地上に乳化し、まるでセーターのような見た目のスノーボード・ジャケットが完成しました。 これらの素晴らしい技術を用いて作られたジャケットは、平壌オリンピック・スノーボード競技で着用されました。



「暖かく心地よさを感じられるセーターとユニフォーム・ジャケット、なんて素晴らしい。」Mark McMorris


この協同プロジェクトは私たちにこれ以上ない幸せと喜びをもたらしました。 Granted Sweater Companyは、平昌オリンピックのカナダ選手たちの応援を楽しみにしています!


Go Canada Go!


*このセーターは販売用ではありません。コリン・ハントとGrantedの過去のコラボレーションセーターは こちらです。

写真はBurton Snowboards Torontoの厚意によるものです。


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  • 5月 09, 2019

    I have firm believe that if you send me a link for pre-orders, I can get 100 confirmed orders in a month. Now, send that link to everyone who commented.

    — Shawn Yellow

  • 5月 09, 2019

    Please, make these available for retail. I’ll do almost anything for one…Still waiting since I saw McMorris rip it up!!

    — James

  • 2月 23, 2019

    Please make them available for retail, this would be a succes, people would be proud to wear them and the business would go up exponentially, or if not, please make something similar, the mixture of colors and design make it a perfect piece of art. (Please think about it) (and I did see them since day 1, I thought you would release them <3)

    — Gabriel

  • 2月 23, 2019

    I was just wondering if I can buy one of these jackets?

    — Werner Pretorius

  • 2月 23, 2019

    I was just wondering if I can buy one of these jackets?

    — Werner Pretorius

  • 2月 23, 2019

    In Ireland but loving the jacket still and still want one any chance ???

    — vyonne

  • 8月 29, 2018

    My boyfriend I were really fascinated by the beautiful design of this Canadian Snowboard team jacket when watching 2018 Pyeongchang winter Olympics.

    He is now my husband.
    I want to give it to him for his birthday present.
    Can we make it retail?

    Best regards,
    Sarah HAN

    — Sarah HAN

  • 3月 04, 2018

    Hi Corrine,
    Once again YOU ROCK!
    We (my partner Holly Kemp) and I were watching the highlights of the BIG AIR finals and I saw your jacket and said WOW I LOVE that jacket it’s so ?. Holly said Corrine designed it !!

    I would live to get one – even though I have never snowboarded in my life nor likely will !! Coolest jacket on the planet ? so cool that it’s designed by one of our favorite Canadians from Richmond, BC

    — Su From London

  • 2月 28, 2018

    I will definitly get this beautiful jacket , love the art and the meaning! Hope we can soon


  • 2月 28, 2018

    Best design of snowwear ever! I’m in love with it since olympic games. So it even thrills people here in Germany – Great job!

    — Stefan

  • 2月 28, 2018

    Great job on the jackets! We would love to buy a couple of them. Please re-consider and make them for sale to the general public. Good opportunity to raise funds too.

    — Lisa Doyle

  • 2月 27, 2018

    I’m not even Canadian and I want one so badly

    — Elena

  • 2月 27, 2018

    Best sweater design -I would love to buy one. Please say they are available in Canada somewhere

    — Patti

  • 2月 26, 2018

    Such a nice sweater, I was going to get one. But alas they aren’t available for the public currently. Go Canada Go

    — Travis Schlamp

  • 2月 26, 2018

    Will you be having these jackets for retail? One of the best looking ones I have ever seen, proud to see Canada wearing them. Please notify me if ever they go on sale. Great work Burton team.

    — Carlo W.

  • 2月 26, 2018

    I live in the US and would support the idea of making these jackets available for the general public. It would be a shame not to spread the art work and colaboración between Burton and Hunt.

    — Paul V

  • 2月 25, 2018

    Lets raise some money, and Canadian pride, by making these designs available to the proud Canadians who supported the athletes at the 2018 Olympics!

    — Stacey Herbrik

  • 2月 25, 2018

    When can the general public purchase this gear!!!! That’s it, that’s Canada! I read a comment about part of proceeds going towards snowboard athletes or how about indigenous rights, either or.

    — raymond parlee

  • 2月 25, 2018

    Amazing !! Beautiful Canadian designs!
    We wish these designs would become available one day for all Canadians. Please consider this option.

    — Renata Z.

  • 2月 25, 2018

    Please let me know where can I find these beautiful snowboarding sweaters. I want to purchase one and keep as a real symbol of Canada. ??

    — Ana Maria Cameron

  • 2月 25, 2018

    Would be great if you made these sweater jackets for retail,
    An idea would be that some of the proceeds of the sale of them can go to the Athletes of Snow Boarding. Hope this can happen.

    Let us know please.

    Thank you for your attention\

    — Janice Brighton

  • 2月 25, 2018

    Here too…just loving this piece. I have a collection of beautiful olympic ssweaters, but this is a ‘must have’. It totally resembles Canada.

    — Marg Bartel

  • 2月 25, 2018

    Great Opportunity for a symbiotic relationship between Snowboard Canada, Corrrine Hunt and Burton to sell these iconic designs. Everybody Wins. No?

    — El Supremo

  • 2月 25, 2018

    Love the snowboarding sweater jacket proud to be Canadian,any for sale❤️

    — Christine

  • 2月 25, 2018

    Please, please, please… please make these jackets available for purchase! They are amazing…

    — Felipe

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