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Tegan or Sara?

A friend of ours recently sent us a photo of Tegan or Sara wearing our deer love toque!

We can't see the tattoos or hairstyle in the picture so we have yet to confirm which sister it is.

For those who don't know them, Tegan and Sara are a Canadian indie band led by identical twins Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin (born in Calgary, Alberta). The band has released six studio albums since 1999, most recently Sainthood in 2009. They have toured with bands such as Neil Young and the Pretenders.

We're huge fans of Tegan and Sara and often "rock out" to their songs in our office.
This is our current favorite song from Tegan and Sara.

Thank you very much Tegan or Sara!!!



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  • 10月 06, 2012

    well, it’s obvious it’s Sasa. just look at her smile, eyes and jawline

    — nelly

  • 1月 08, 2011

    That’s Sara. No doubt about it

    — Hope

  • 1月 10, 2011

    Thank you for the update. I will push mute and closely watch for the mole next time we watch them. Sara it is!

    — Minphis

  • 4月 28, 2010

    it IS sara

    — alexa

  • 4月 28, 2010

    I think we now know who it is! Thank you very much for your comments!

    — Minphis

  • 1月 08, 2011

    Obviously Sara. Look at the mole on her chin.
    “Huge fans”, huh?

    — Marley

  • 4月 27, 2010

    definitely sara

    — trophy

  • 4月 28, 2010

    It is def Sara. I have no doubt.

    Here is a pic from around the same time Sara is on the right.

    Here you can see Sara on the right wearing the same hat I believe.

    And here is the whole photo Tegan is on the left and Sara is on the right.

    — Chelsea

  • 4月 27, 2010

    That’s Tegan based on facial structure.

    — Rag

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